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I received the order and it arrived in great shape on the day it was scheduled.  It was very well packed. Thank you.Mary Jo Schuster (via email) - 12/11/2014

Thank you so very much; what a pleasant experience dealing with you & your company. Have a great evening & a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas. - Kathie Drake (via email) - 12/16/2014

Was so pleased with the first order I placed that I have since gone back and placed two more. Again, I am very pleased. The packaging is awesome.James Pitz (via Google Plus) – 12/18/2014

I am so happy that the cakes arrived today and they were still cool in nicely packaged containers.  Amazing packing!  I put them in freezer and look forward to giving as gifts and telling them about your great service.  If you have a feedback section on your site you can count on me giving you all a A++++! Have a great Christmas...God bless.Mike Cardenas (via email) - 12/23/2014

Amazing customer service, I get a voicemail within a minute of placing my order on the notes I left. Will be a repeat customer for sure, and I live in Hawaii! 5 Stars for convenience, cool specialty goods I can't get here and AWESOME free shipping. Thanks!Elle Granger (via Google Plus) – 12/24/2014

I placed an order earlier this month for some marshmallows and beef jerky.  I just wanted to let you know that my experience with your company was wonderful.  The items shipped in less than 24 hours, the order was packaged beautifully (and thanks for the samples of Peanut Brittle), and I really appreciated the follow-up phone call.  The attention to detail was evident, and it is clear you care about your customer.  I apologize for my delay in replying, but please know I am 100% satisfied and look forward to doing business with your company again. I truly feel as though you valued my business, and that means a lot to me.  I will be sure to recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks again!McKenzi Fenn (via email) - 01/18/2015

Just want to thank you for your excellent customer service. Someone called me minutes after I had placed my order to clarify that the coupon code I had used didn't apply. He was professional, friendly, and I'm really impressed at how quickly you placed my order. Thank you! -  H. Smith (via email) - 01/30/2015

I am happy to tell you that the replacement Blossom Waters arrived yesterday, well- wrapped and perfectly intact. I also received your note and am extremely impressed by your professionalism and outstanding customer service. Thank you for making what could have been a negative experience into a very positive one. I will definitely be shopping with you again. Many thanks and kind regards.Heather Bent (via email) - 02/24/2015

I wanted to take a few moments to extend my most sincere gratitude for your excellent business. I placed an order a few days ago and it arrived tonight. It was in excellent condition, packaged so very well and even included a handwritten thank you note. I will be sure to visit again soon and I just want to thank you for such excellent service.Sandra Giles (via Facebook) - 04/27/2015

I was able to get my Olive And Sinclair caramels and at a much better price than from the company store in Nashville. Customer service was very attentive and I really appreciated the handwritten thank you card and the samples included with my order. Great company!! - Henri Merceron (via Facebook) 05/13/2015

Nice product selection!! Yay for Topors Pickle delivery! - Mark Kapetansky (via Receiptful) 09/14/2015

THANK YOU FOR MY WONDERFUL PICKLES! - Sherri Seifert (via Receiptful) 10/20/2015

I was fortunate to get the last 6 pieces of the item I ordered then that item sold out. I need 25 total and I was impressed to have a reply back so timely on my inquiries offering some options in how to get additional units. - Mina Martinez (via Receiptful) 11/11/2015

Great product....great service! Thanks. MLK - Michael Kasavana (via Receiptful) 11/16/2015


We love our specialty food, beverage and body products. We also love to share our new finds with friends and family. But we find it extremely expensive and time-consuming to shop online for these unique products at multiple websites. Shipping costs add up to exorbitant levels. Some artisans do not have an eCommerce presence or have restrictive shipping policies that prevent us from sharing our favorite items with our long-distance friends and family. And why waste an hour searching for the best price when you could be spending that precious time with the important people in your life?

Furthermore, I'm sure you value the "Made in the USA" labels for the integrity and craftsmanship of the products, and the support these purchases lend to American small-businesses and their resources. This is why we created this online marketplace - it's where the specialty consumer and the artisanal small business meet. Most of our products support American artisans and small enterprises similar to ours. The best part is that you'll never pay more relative to the shipped cost of the non-sale item on that vendor's eCommerce site. 

Finally, we're out to change the world. Specialty and artisanal products are often associated with a niche audience, but we believe everyone should have access to this market. With your help we're making specialty food, beverages and body products more affordable to the consumer that values the healthy, natural alternative. We've only been doing this since November 2014, so we would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us grow. Refer a friend and you both save while contributing to our mission to bring affordable specialty products to every household in America.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope this single minute will help us change lives across America. Please share your thoughts on social media using hashtag #oneminutetochangeamerica

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