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Shipping Destinations

  • Shipping destinations include: Continental USA, Alaska and Hawaii.
  • IMPORTANT: Some items do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii. We will notify you within 12 hours of order placement if certain items in your order cannot be shipped to your Alaska or Hawaii destination.
  • For international destinations, please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

Expedited Shipping

  • Products displaying the "Free 3-Day Shipping" logo will be automatically expedited, and not incur any shipping charges.
  • If your order includes both expedited and non-expedited items, then the general shipping rules (see below) will apply to your entire order

Shipping Rates - Shipping Rates
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General Shipping Rules

  • All in-stock items will ship in 1-2 business days, and are guaranteed to arrive within 7 business days.
  • Some perishable items have to be pre-ordered, requiring additional 2-3 processing days.
  • UPS, FedEx and USPS observed holidays may delay shipping by 1-2 days. 
  • Some perishable items may only ship on Saturdays (please check the product description). These items will typically arrive within 2-3 calendar days. Saturday shipping is entirely weather dependant - we may ship earlier or later.

If you need an accurate estimate of your delivery date, please contact us ( [email protected]). We will respond to most emails within 24 hours.   


Additional Shipping Rules

  1. It's our customer's responsibility to ensure that all shipping info is correct before submitting an order. This should also be verified in the order confirmation e-mail.
  2. The shipping address may not be modified once a package has been sent.
  3. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns of perishable items. Please contact us if you're unhappy with the quality of a product.
  4. Leaving a package at an address is entirely outside our control and is left to the discretion of the delivery person.
  5. We will replace or refund any package (or part thereof) damaged in transit.
  6. Signature confirmation may be required for orders exceeding $100 in value.
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