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Pok Pok Som

Pok Pok Som - Turmeric Drinking Vinegar - 16 fl oz


Pok Pok Som Turmeric Drinking Vinegar is part of the exotic, fruit-infused line of tart specialty beverages originating from the Pok Pok restaurants. This version uses turmeric, recognizable by its bright yellow color. Turmeric is used in asian cuisine, and has proven anti-inflammatory properties. The organic turmeric is sourced from Hawaii.

Pok Pok Som Turmeric Drinking Vinegar is an infusion of cane vinegar, sugar, turmeric, ginger, sea salt and citric and ascorbic acids. Pok Pok Som Drinking Vinegars are available in nine varieties. Each flavor is formulated with natural ingredients. These beverages have their roots in the traditional drinking shrubs consumed centuries ago. They were resurrected by Pok Pok chef Andy Ricker in 2005. The drinking vinegar concentrates were initially used as cocktail mixers at the Pok Pok line of Northern Thai restaurants. The vinegar is now marketed as a shelf-stable, low-calorie cocktail mixer.

The producer makes no claims regarding the health benefits of the infused vinegar. This has narrowed the potential marketing opportunities for the brand. Combining the vinegar concentrate with soda water does offer a low-calorie, refreshing beverage option. The shelf stable drinking vinegars are available in exotic flavors such as  Thai Basil, Tamarind and Chinese Celery. There are also more common flavors like Ginger and limited edition flavor variants such as Cranberry and Strawberry. 

Pok Pok Som Turmeric Uses - The turmeric flavor pairs well with gin, vodka and tequila. Combine the drinking vinegar with soda water to craft a non-alcoholic soda. It also complements asian cuisine -use in your favorite stir fry or marinade. It also combines well with the remnants of roasted chicken to create a balanced gravy.

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